5 Steps To Avoid Being Friend Zone’d

5 Steps To Avoid Being Friend Zone’d

Friend Zone, a condition every youngster has gone or going through.




Men usually fell into this pit-hole more often than women, as men’s have a tendency to  use brain in all  other activities except, in  love.Yes, it’s true..We don’t use our brains in love.

Feeling of ‘friend-zoned’ can be tricky and frustrating for Men. Being in friend zone can be inevitable, but there are some ways to avoid the friend zone with women by playing some little psychological tricks.

  1. Be her friend, Not Girlfriend.

Girls love chit chats, that’s why God  sent Adam first on earth then Eve. And the more haunting fact is, women think everybody loves to talk as much as she.  And when you are being so caring and fulfilling her talking needs  you accidently falls into this zone, they think that you’re their best friend who can happily accept all her shit in your ear. Here where the Shit becomes real, and suddenly you realize you’re being friend zoned

Here to play the psychological trick, talk with her, but always keep something unsaid, not listening nor sharing all of it.

How will this help:- This will sub-consciously tell her that, you’re not falling  into her best friend space, but still she loves to keep on talking with you. This emotion of ‘unknown’ will build the curiosity of relationship and girls loves being curious.

2.  Don’t be her Relationship Counselor 

Life is not When Harry Met Sally. Unless you get really lucky—or you take action—she’s not going to wake up one day and realize that all the guys she’s been dating are assholes, and that her true love (you) has been hanging out in her living room all along. You might think you’re just biding your time, but the longer you wait, and the more you get to know her in a friend-type way, the more you risk ending up in her friend zone for life.

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For all these kind of shit’s- she has her girlfriends and other friends, which she had already friend zoned- Step back from these conversations   show her your time has a value and you are  concerned about her only. Act differently and stand out from the crowd.

3. Make yourself Exclusive


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In the process, you also tend to get taken for granted , devalued and forgotten. Put simply, people value what they work to obtain and invest in. They also find relationships more valuable and commit more fully, when they invest in them in various ways.

In the process, you also tend to get taken for granted , devalued and forgotten. Put simply, people value what they work to obtain and invest in. They also find relationships more valuable and commit more fully, when they invest in them in various ways. Love is a two way game, and if the other one is simply not participating in it, psychologist calls it just an Attraction.

To make love happen, first create your ‘V’alue make yourself visible, but not easily reachable, that’s the reason why girls love rock stars so much, you don’t need to get on stage or make  a band  (if you have that in you, then half’s battle won)


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The Trick is, surround yourself with others, laugh with them do party, status updates and once she realizes that other’s  see some value in you which she missed earlier,   this will get generate her an emotion of ‘Wanting you’ and the most deadliest of ‘Why not her?’.


The greatest motivator of human activity is the unknown; and that which is hidden from our view has more power over us than that which is in plain view.



4. Make a move….NOW!

If you are one of those who still thinks that what if she rejected you, what if she will not be your friend anymore, and what if she tell others . Then mate, let me tell you

If you are really able to   make a value of yourself in her life, there will be no question of leaving you or rejecting you. If it turned out to be the other way around then follow the above steps and start anew.

Love starts with psychology and psychology can be learnt and followed. Follow the Do’s and Dont’s and have a happy life ever after.

Ps:- Be stylish,Be genuine and Keep loving campussutra



14 Falguni Pathak Memes Which Will Hit Every Daandiya Lover Where It Hurts

Remember the sweet, chubby girl from the ’90s who crooned her way into our hearts with her innocent voice and mushy songs like Maine Payal Hai Chankai and Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi? Well it’s not entirely your fault if you don’t because Falguni Pathak, the pop sensation, totally disappeared from the music scene much like her pop contemporaries.

But why are we even discussing that? Because actually there is no better time to discuss Falguni Pathak than the ongoing Navratri season! While you forgot her over time, the lady was busy making Gujjus dance to her tunes every year at Daandiya events!

So here are 14 Falguni Pathak memes which will hurt every Daandiya lover in the stomach, with laughter:

Credits: Scoopwhoop.com

14 Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Actually Very Good For You!

Video games rot your brain.

You lose concentration.

Video games make you dull.

Video games are a distraction and are of no use at all.

What will you do playing all these games, do they pay you to play video games now?

No, no, no, no, and yes.

Yes, video games are good for you because…

1. They help to develop problem-solving skills


A hard level and epic boss can be a bitch. You work extra hard in your head to devise strategies to beat them. Unless you are a genius gamer, you fail the first time and then take another shot, but this time you are thinking of a different novel way to beat that mean bastard (remember the last level of Max Payne 2?).

It gives you good problem-solving skills.

2. Enhance creativity


Video games make you creative. One study found that playing video games helped inincreasing creativity in children. You know what the whopper is? Creativity and cellphones have no correlation at all. Dump your cellphones for those sexy gaming consoles and gaming PCs.

*drools over the latest GPU chip*

3. Video games improve your mood, are relaxing, and fade anxiety


Frustrated and angry? Play Angry birds! Who doesn’t like the sight of a whole big structure with pigs on it, brought down by an exploding fat bird?

Games like these instantly improve your mood. They also help you relax when you are anxious before attending that interview to the job you really want.

4. They even help you become social


No, not all gamers are sitting in their moms’ basements, overweight and in their smelly brown underwears, chugging on soft drinks at the rate of 10 litres an hour.

Studies have showed that video games actually help you become social. 70% of all gamers play with someone else on the internet. They make friends too. But, video games are not substitutes for real life socializations. Maintain a healthy balance of real life and online friends.

5. Video games help in stimulating the growth of new neurons


Once considered impossible, neurogenesis (growth of new neurons) actually takes place in the brains of gamers. We all know that grey matter is an indicator of intelligence in the brain. A study showed increased grey matter in the brains of gamers. This means you are literally building brain muscle by gaming.

Video games are the gyms for the brain. Go, workout for 30 minutes.

6. They help you think quick, make fast decisions and analyses


Anyone who has played a fast-paced game can relate to this. Some games need really quick reflexes. Even the simple game of Tetris in its hard levels is a complete finger-biting, sweat-inducing, fast-paced, decision-making workout.

They are thinking about using video games to train soldiers and surgeons to make crux decisions in a split second.

7. Video games make you persevere


“I AM GONNA GET BACK AT YOU! YOU WAIT, YOU PIECE OF VILLAIN SHIT!”, you screamed as you lost to the boss/villain for the 9th time. But, you keep at it. Video games help you persevere.

It’s a very challenging setup and you don’t really want to give up, and you fight it again and again to beat the system. It really teaches you tenacity.

8. Video games help you recognize patterns


At the end of the day, every game out there is basically a code, programmed by people. Large games with many levels have repeating patterns.

You learn pattern recognition even without knowing. Now though, they are making in-game AI (artificial intelligence) so much harder and unpredictable, that finding patterns is getting harder.

9. Better hand-eye coordination


Non-gamers use a lot of brain juice to coordinate between eye movement and hand movement. A study has shown that gamers don’t even think about hand-eye coordination. Most of their brain power is focussed on higher tasks like defeating the AI because hand-eye coordination is already automated.

10. Help you navigate better


Anyone who has played GTA or Counterstrike can relate to this. Games with vast open worlds help you navigate better. You explore landscapes on the scale of hundreds of kilometers in such games. It helps your navigational abilities over time.

11. Risk taking


Almost all games are pro-risk. They are programmed to reward risk-takers. Outrageous solutions to the most difficult problems have you doing the victory dance.

It helps in making you pro-risk, with calculated strategies, obviously. We all know the risk-reward correlation – the more the risk, the better the reward.

12. Help in teamwork and better cooperation


Ask anyone who has played Counterstrike, League of Legends or Dota with his friends. They are almost communicating telepathically with their teammates.

Their coordination and communication go deeper than the usual banter we have with our conventional teammates in real life. Working together to achieve a common goal to the point that you will sacrifice yourself altruistically, comes quite naturally to gamers.

13. Better vision


Video games give you better vision. A study has shown that playing a video game changes pathways in the brain, helping the gamer to distinguish more shades of grey. Called the contrast sensitivity function, it is the same ability that helps you drive better at night. So yeah, it helps you see better.

I had a 50 Shades Of Grey joke here, but it’s too dirty.

14. They get you lots of money and help in international relations


Take the case of the youngest millionaire of Esports – Sumail. He hails from Pakistan and one of his teammates is Sahil Arora, an American-Indian.

Whaaaaat? An Indo-Pak team combo? A successful Indo-Pak team combo?! Yes! And they won a whopping $6 million when they won The International Dota 2 Championships this year, with Sumail pocketing a cool $1.2 million. An Indian and a Pakistani teamed up with three others to win a game that is dominated by the Asians.

And Sumail is just 16! He is 16 and he made his first million dollars!

Esports is the future they say, with tournaments getting better with more audience and fatter prize money. People are realizing that there is a scope of getting into gaming professionally. Big bucks, fame, international friends and a faster, more intelligent brain.

Yeah, I want to game more!

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10 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Down

Ok, so you think you have had a bad day so far? Welcome to the ‘Club Where Everyone Thinks They Had The Most Unfortunate Day’. Please wait in the queue, your concern is important to us.

Or, you can go through this list. I’m sure you will at least be smiling at the end of it.

(psst. Also the queue at God’s place is a bit long, so we can’t guarantee success there) 😀

1. The easiest way to smile internally is to go out & have panipuri because, well….FREE masala puri, FTW!


Or the extra ‘Chura’ with Vada Pav. 😀

2. Or call your mother, because when she asks…


..everything in this world becomes inconsequential. Even if the world is on the brink of 3rd world war, ‘khana khaya?’ will surely bring a smile to your face.

3. Talking of food, why not eat a snack that smiles at you


Food is the best stress killer. Maybe get a packet of those McCain Smiles and gorge on them. Enjoying a little treat every now and then keeps you happy.

4. Turn on the radio because just when you feel that there’s no hope left, YOUR song comes up


Probably the best feeling ever.

5. Ever been to a pet shop? Google one near you and who knows, you might return with a bundle of joy


That’s right. Whoever said happiness can’t be bought, hasn’t owned a dog.

6. Hang out with someone younger to you

Image source

Ever had one of those ‘if-only-I-could-go-back-to-my-carefree-childhood-days’ kinda feelings? Well, there’s a trick to realizing that: seize the moment. Who’s stopping you from joining the kids playing football near your house? Carpe diem.

7. Is it raining, dark and you can’t go outside? Watch cute baby meets cute dog videos


Or, cat videos. Nothing is as effective a stress buster as videos of babies acting all drunk, dogs hugging babies, and cats enjoying being the show-stoppers. Watch one right now and I promise, your blues will fade away.

8. Better still, write your thoughts down. Open a blog anonymously


Expressing your feelings on a piece of paper or an anonymous blog helps you relax and process. Make yourself a cup of tea, get some of your favourite snacks & let your feeling flow.

9. Take a long, warm shower


Don’t have a bathtub at home? No problemo! A warm enough hot shower will fill your bathroom with steam that will soothe your mind instantly.

10. And always remember, you’re awesome


That’s right. Because in the end, you know you’re doing a freaking awesome job.

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18 Liquor Bottles So Beautiful That You’d Want To Buy Them!!

As people say, it is what’s inside that counts, right? Wrong, because sometimes what’s outside is so stunningly beautiful that you don’t much care about what is inside, even if that’s the elixir of life.

I mean honestly, why else do you think all these companies advertise “new packaging” so much! Actually, don’t think. Instead, just have a look at these 18 visually marvellous liquor bottles, and you’d want to buy all of them ASAP, not caring what is inside.

1. Domaine De Canton Ginger Liquor

Image source

Price: $35.99

In INR: 2,376/-

2. The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Image source

Price: $19.99

In INR: 1,320/-

3. 1800 Tequila Essential Artists Tequila

Image source

Price: $30.69

In INR: 2,025/-

4. St Germain Liquor

Image source

Price: $38.99

In INR: 2,575/-

5. Bong Spirit Vodka

Image source

Price: $43.69

In INR: 2,884/-

6. Macallan Whiskey

Image source

Price: $89.99

In INR: 5,941/-

7. Kalashnikov Vodka

Image source

Price: $450

In INR: 29,705/-

8. Armand de Brignac Champagne

Image source

Price: $299.99

In INR: 19,800/-

9. Absolut Disco Vodka

Image source

Price: $19.99

In INR: 1,320/-

10.  Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Image source

Price: $460,000

In INR: 2,92,44,500/-

11. Chambord Liquor

Image source

Price: $32.99

In INR: 2178/-

12. Blanton’s Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Image source

Price: $55.99

In INR: 3697/-

13. Crystal Head Vodka

Image source

Price: $42.99

In INR: 2838/-

14. Khukri Rum

Image source

Price: $49.99

In INR: 3300/-

15. Bombay Saphire Revelations

Image source

Price: $200,000

In INR: 13,202,390/-

16. Hennessy X.O

Image source

Price: $199.99

In INR: 13151/-

17. 2004 Block 42

Image source

Price: $168,000

In INR: 11046,915/-

18. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Image source

Price: $1.9 million

In INR: 124830855/-

I’m sure the content inside is just as delightful as the look of these bottles. Don’t you want to just grab them all? 😉

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11 Things You Get To Know While Drinking With Your Friends!

Admit it, no matter how many awesome dates you might have been on, “getting drunk with friends” is one thing that cannot be replaced. The awesome night that starts with fun and frolic and which ends in long philosophical talks about life is simply unforgettable!

Among the other amazing things that we experience while drinking with our friends, some of the best are the drunk talks which reveal some of the juiciest secrets and gossips about various things.

Below is the list of some things that you get to know only when you get drunk with your friends.

1. The people who love you


Sure there are sober people with catchphrases like “Tu mera bhai hai” but the real feelings of people come pouring out only when they get drunk.

2. People’s dirty secrets that they might not tell you otherwise


Bro, you won’t believe what I did last Sunday!

3. Workplace gossips from their respective workplaces


Dude do you know that my team lead asked out our hot HR and she slapped him!!

4. The feelings people are hiding from each other


Secret hatred and admiration come pouring out after the 3rd tequila shot, don’t they?!

5. Really gross details that you might not want to know when you’re sober


“…I think it might be an infection…”  “Dude, TMI!!”

6. All the shocking details about your ex that they knew but didn’t tell you before


7. Their secret crushes


8. People’s relations with their families


They might share their intimate feelings with you on a daily basis, but there are certain things people never share with even the best of their friends like if they’re having a strenuous relationship with their family or things like that.

9. Their future plans


We all do it, discussing our future plans with friends after getting drunk is like a ritual. Even the quiet ones of the group start spitting words like Eminem.

10. Drinking capacities of your friends


“I don’t get drunk easily” is the common catchphrase of every person before the party starts. But it is only after you’ve finished that you come to know the real alcohol handling capacities.

11. The hidden talents in the group


The dancers and the singers, all come out in the open once the alcohol does its magic.

Here’s a virtual toast to “drinking with your friends.” Cheers!

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Our generation has a brand new wingman, we call it – Tinder!

Tinder is there to introduce us to eligible (and ineligible) singles out there whom we can meet and have a romantic relationship. You are single and looking for someone to mingle, Tinder is there for you.

Now, imagine a long time ago, during the 90’s the sweet era of chest hair and perms, if Tinder had its existence, how would it look?

Now take your imagination to another level and imagine if Bollywood actors from the 90’s tried their hand at this digital cupid, how would their profiles look?

Designer Abhishek Das has put strokes to our imaginations and here’s a glimpse of #BollywoodTinder from the 90’s:


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source

Pick your tshirt here

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So janta, would you swipe right or left?